Do you want to improve? Exercise regularly! Toolkas offers a wide variety of exercise options you can use without having to leave your home. It’s quality training that is always at hand.

Climbing involves an unlimited array of movements. It requires exceptional strength of not only the fingers but also the entire body. Quality training consists of actual climbing accompanied by workout exercises. Combining these two activities is often time-consuming and requires different tools. Therefore, workout and strength-building exercises are often neglected, even though they result in quick improvements in strength.
Toolkas is a training device for comprehensive climbing training for the entire body. It combines the functionality of a finger board, a pull-up bar, and suspension workout straps. But thanks to the incredible adaptability of the tool, it can do much more. It allows you to measure and compare different bodyweight exercises and can be used by beginners and professionals alike.



You don’t have to adjust your training to the limited options of a fingerboard. Toolkas will adjust to your needs.

Climbers know very well that both rocks and indoor climbing walls consist of an infinite variety of hand holds and grips. The muscles of the forearm are used differently with every hold. This needs to be similarly experienced during practice. Producers are trying to come up with fingerboards that combine pockets, crimps, and jugs of different shapes, sizes, and slopes; however the variations they can offer are limited by the size and shape of the board.
Toolkas allows you to set not only the desired size but also the slope of the handhold. Even though it’s significantly smaller in size, it offers a great many more options than the usual fingerboard. Toolkas also includes add-on blocks for different types of stability and balance training exercises. Thanks to its soft wood and anatomically shaped parts, it provides comfort even during long and arduous exercises.

Unlimited options for strengthening the entire body.

Having strong fingers will enable you to hold onto a grip. However, moving to another position requires a pull or a push from the rest of the body. Climbing requires great strength especially of the upper body. Most of the exercises practiced in a regular gym work the muscles in an unnatural and isolated way. They tend to have only limited results or take a long time when it comes to climbing.
Toolkas puts forward bodyweight exercises that engage muscles in natural muscle chains. Thanks to its unique ability to set the intensity of the workout by percentage, you can gradually increase the load to master the most difficult routines. The amazing variety of movements is enriched even further with exercises using suspension straps, a pull-up bar, or parallel bars.

The muscles of the core are essential for all efficient and effective body movements.

The core is made up of the muscles of the pelvis floor and the abdomen. It enables important functions such as the ability to stand straight and walk, to distribute load and pressure, and it also protects the spine and inner organs.
Toolkas includes an “unstable mode” that requires the body to endure difficult unbalanced positions. These exercises efficiently engage core muscles that provide the necessary control and balance during these demanding movements.

Achieve a more stable, more coordinated, and deliberate use of your body. Gain the strength you will use to become a more efficient climber.

Climbing, bouldering, and many other sports require an ever increasing mastery of complex movements, balance, estimating distance, orientation in space, quick changes, precision, and the ability to adjust to changing conditions non-stop. All of these activities require the flawless functioning of the central nervous system that ensures body coordination.
Toolkas allows climbers to engage in exercises that very much resemble real climbing. The imitation of complex movements, bodyweight exercises, or reduced stability during practice ensure that all muscles of the body are engaged. As a result, the muscles learn to cooperate and climbers improve both their strength and their overall body coordination.

Muscles which are stretched regularly are stronger. Toolkas creates conditions for stretching and relaxing muscles.

Muscles tend to contract after strenuous physical exercise. Stretching renews their original length and accelerates the release of lactic acid that builds up in muscles during climbing. Most climbers underestimate and neglect warming up before and stretching after climbing.
Toolkas will help you to effectively relax your muscles after exercise. Using your own body weight, you can stretch your muscles easily with the adjustable straps. By releasing muscle tension after working out, you will enable muscles to regenerate, improve the mobility of your joints, and keep your muscles healthy and elastic.
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Wood is a natural material that combines qualities necessary for long-term and arduous exercise. Toolkas is a combination of hand-made mastery and perfectly accurate CNC machine wood carving.


Our block design will enable owners to change and upgrade our tool in the future.


The Toolkas system is comparatively small and light. Using three attachment points, it can be easily removed or relocated.


Easily used by climbers and non-climbers alike, from newbies to weather-beaten pros.


Toolkas combines multiple tools that result in a great variety of workouts for quality comprehensive exercises for the entire body.


No need to travel long distances to be able to get a good practice. Toolkas now brings a wide array of options that are always at hand.


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